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Getting to know GEHA

GEHA is a name that millions of people know, as many Americans tuned in to watch the Chiefs take to GEHA field every Sunday. But the question they wanted to ask was how many of those people knew who GEHA truly was as an organization? Their leadership wanted to ask this question and wanted to test it out by deploying a completely new homepage, with a clear message and rebranded color scheme.

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The Challenge

Effort and Effect

But before they spent a huge amount of time and resources on a complete rebrand, they wanted to see if a new homepage with this new design and vision truly would affect people's perceptions and interaction with the website.

Our Strategy

Perfection through Personalization

Arkane Digital helped them use Sitecore Personalize to run an AB Test on the entire homepage. In doing so, we could see if all the new changes affected their metrics, such as bounce rate. And if this new homepage was successful, it would clearly layout the plan to rebrand the rest of the website.

Our Approach

Rapid Revamp

By employing Personalize, we could test the HTML for the new homepage without formalizing everything into Sitecore components, saving GEHA a lot of time up front.

Solid Strategy

We developed the initial AB test for homepage, and suggested fast follow AB tests in case we needed to further drill down into what people actually liked and didn't like about the redesign, such as the video component, or just the new CTA buttons.

Phased Plan

In order to meet a tight 2 month deadline, we helped them plane and phase all their desired features to ensure a successful launch.

Key Content

Our solution kept the new home page completely content editable in Sitecore with rich text, so that content editors could still make all their updates in one place.

Starting Search

As part of the effort, GEHA also wanted to implement site search. We helped them launch a search page using Sitecore Search as part of the effort.

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Result Highlight

Deadline and data achieved

We launched their search and AB testing functionality on time with the two month deadline. Not only that, we helped them launch Sitecore Personalize early so that they could start gathering data and doing benchmarks.


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