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Innovation with Invitek

ALS is a global leader in scientific testing and technology. With their acquisition of Invitek Diagnostics, they needed a way to leverage their currently Sitecore solution to bring the Invitek website into a cohesive solution, while leveraging current ALS design principles. Arkane Digital helped ALS set up a working multi-site solution in Sitecore, and helped bring over the scientific tools needed to sell their Invitek products.

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The Challenge

Cohesive and efficient

ALS had an existing Sitecore solution and infrastructure that they wanted to leverage in order to bring in their Invitek site into a single solution. This would allow them to cut down on their technology stack and manage all their content in one place.

Our Strategy

Reduce and reuse

We were able to work with them through designs and development to convert pre-existing functionality into the same components that they already had in Sitecore. Where needed, we also created new components to reach feature parity, such as their ordering calculator.

Our Approach

Leverage Sitecore

As a client with an existing CMS, we didn't need to reinvent the wheel. We added multisite support to their single site solution.

Leverage Existing Work

ALS had many existing, beautiful components from a recent implementation. We tweaked them to support variations and the Invitek color pallete

Refine Infrastructure

Their deployment pipelines using Kubernetes all worked fine, but had to be modified to support multisite. Work was done in both Azure DevOps and Azure.

Adapt Commerce

Invitek was previously using wordpress commerce. A quick and efficient solution was to reprogram their calculators and trigger an email to their ordering team.

Document and Organize

As part of the work, we also documented their solution and infrastructure, so that future issues could be resolved, with or without us.

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Result Highlight

Successful launch of!

The project launched in budget and with extra features added, all leveraging their existing servers and solution.


Increase in hosting costs.


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