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Heading off the monolith

By Uy Tran



For businesses on Sitecore XP, or any customizable platform, in the past decade, most code was managed in a single, monolithic codebase. The thought was “this is our big digital transformation project, so let’s do it all in here.” As scope increased and features increased, everything was thrown into the pile. What was once a simple CMS also had to handle emails, custom analytics, and even shopping cart logic for some customers. Over time, new features were added for business needs, and the solution became untenable. 

And then one day, an order came from the top, that said, “We should go omnichannel!” or “We need to do an app!”. Everyone in IT then took a long, good look at the code base, and slowly backed away. 

At Arkane Digital, we’re not going to tell you there’s an easy way out. But with the introduction of headless capabilities in everything from Sitecore XP 10.3 and Sitecore XM Cloud, to pure headless solutions like or, we can tell you that now is the time to start the transformation, and that we can help. 

Why Change? 

Beyond simply having cleaner and maintainable code, it’s imperative that business logic needs to exist in a centralized area, accessible to all current and future channels. Your business may only be doing web-based shopping now, but what if in the future, you need to expand to a custom app? What if you needed to start up a call center, where customer representatives could modify orders for your customers? Having all the logic in a single web application does not support these future expansions. 

Or maybe you’re simply tired of your current vendor, and having to upgrade your codebase every few years to update to their latest version. Switching technologies or doing upgrades shouldn’t be painful, and it won’t be, after your content and business logic is properly organized. 

By introducing a headless CMS, you’re letting your content be managed in one place, yet can be consumed everywhere. 

Getting A-headless 

The key to all this is making your content and business logic headless. Data needs to be organized and strongly typed, and never tied to a single channel. By introducing a headless CMS, you’re letting your content be managed in one place, yet can be consumed everywhere. 

Business logic should exist in a single, secure and accessible location, whether that’s an enterprise service bus or an integration platform as a service. This ensures that whenever you need to apply a discount and checkout, either on your web store or on a voice activated shopping app, the experience and logic are consistent for your users. 

Interpreting the Arkane 

At Arkane Digital, we’ve helped countless clients with both their code and their digital strategy. Whether you’re a marketer trying to reach the next level or running an IT team that needs help with modernizing, we have a team of experts ready to guide you. Our leadership has an average of more than 20 years of experience in consulting and digital transformations, and would love to propel you and your business forward. Please contact us at to let us know how we can help. 

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