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The New Era of Digital Strategy: Staying Leaner Longer

It’s a far too common mistake: When a business is in a growth phase, leadership often feels an urgency to visibly manifest this growth. One of the most tangible ways to do this? Hire new employees. 

In today’s landscape, however, the mantra “more is better” has been debunked. For many businesses, the optimal way forward isn’t necessarily through expanding teams and accumulating resources, but by staying lean and agile for as long as possible. 

In this post, we share five reasons why staying leaner longer is the way to go.

1. Less Risk & More Flexibility

First and foremost, a leaner strategy gives you greater control over your finances. Instead of investing heavily upfront, you can allocate your funds more intelligently. Want to pivot your project direction? No problem. With a lean team, you can adapt without suffering from an over-committed budget or workforce. Moreover, resource flexibility enables a seamless swap-out of roles during a project’s life cycle, ensuring that you deploy the right talent at the right time for the right task. 

2. Less Onboarding Time

When you have a leaner team, you save valuable time in the onboarding process. In place of your standard onboarding process for new employees, here the focus is primarily on the project. This reduces the need for a lengthy orientation, thus leading to quicker initiations and faster results. 

3. Lower Expenses

A one-size-fits all approach to employee training and development is quickly becoming obsolete, with many companies planning to create custom learning programs to help employees tailor their skills for the exact needs of their companies. However, prioritizing employee training and development can be an expensive and distracting endeavor that takes time and resources away from delivering top-notch solutions for your business. Without the need for extensive employee development, you can allocate your funds to where they’ll bring the most return on your investment. 

A streamlined team is more focused, cohesive, and better equipped to make quick decisions

4. An Expert Team with None of the Staffing Headaches

Leaner operations help you maintain a core team while external experts act as an extension of your business. These external experts should be highly specialized professionals who bring their industry knowledge and experience to the table. This means you receive all the benefits of a larger team without the complications of managing additional staff, whether that be HR issues or payroll.

At Arkane Digital, we provide you with access to a team of experts, each adept in their respective fields, ensuring that your projects benefit from specialized know-how that you might not have in-house

5. Faster Turnaround Time

A streamlined team is more focused, cohesive, and better equipped to make quick decisions. This not only accelerates your project timelines but allows you to respond to market changes with incredible agility. 

Create Meaningful, Strategy-Driven Digital Experiences

Staying leaner longer is increasingly becoming a crucial factor in maintaining a competitive edge in today’s digital landscape.

At Arkane Digital, we partner with you to create meaningful digital experiences based on strategy and experience. Led by a team of industry veterans, we bring years of experience in a technology landscape that is ever changing. Projects never stop at discovery, and we are a full-service digital agency that gets you from start to finish, whether that's launching the redesign of a new website or modernizing your e-commerce system.

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